Issue Three, Page Nine

August 24, 2020 in Issue Three
Issue Three, Page Nine
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Author Notes:

MattSchofield 24th Aug 2020, 9:00 AM
I hope I'm not going to jinx myself by saying this, but so far the bi-weekly update schedule is working really well for me, and the speed that I create the pages.

This page layout is pretty straightforward, to show the destruction of the Eco-Opt building. This story point was mostly borne out of my frustration with drawing all those stairs on the interior of the building in the last issue! Drawing staircases in perspective sucks, even with the aid of digital perspective tools - you still gotta draw the thing! I'm glad to be done with this particular location because it gave me a lot of trouble!

One thing I do seem to enjoy drawing, though, is rubble! The crumbling building in the first panel was all drawn and inked by hand. It had to have some consistency with the look of the building on the previous page, since the walls were just beginning to crumble. It was fun, but it did take a while, and so for panels two and three I used a bunch of different digital rubble brushes - in those panels the building had lost its "shape" and was now just a bunch of rubble in a ball, so the repeated shapes of a rubble brush weren't going to be as obvious (even then, I have about five different rubble brushes, to hopefully mix things up).

I know some of you readers have some theories as to what's happening with the Semple-Platt device, and the dimensional rift beyond it, and it's intriguing to me to read them - nobody has quite hit it on the head yet, but I hope that's part of the fun of reading the story. Rest assured, things will be explained - somewhat - in the next couple of pages.

Stay tuned, and if you are enjoying the comic in general, please recommend it to friends and family! As I've said before, every comment, like and compliment is like rocket fuel for me, and really spurs me to keep going! So allow me to extend a huge THANK YOU for reading!